Welcome to Endless Horizons. We are proud to offer our line of premium mattresses available at our internet sales site SlumberTown including the AirSleep 7000 series of air mattresses, The MemSleep 7000 series Visco elastic Memory Foam mattresses and the TalaSleep 8000 series of Talalay Latex mattresses. Talalay Latex mattress, Air Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress.Also we offer a line of premium mattress toppers in Viscoelastic Memory Foam including the Sensus® brand and Talalay Latex in a range of thickness from 1" to 4" and densities from extra soft to extra firm as well as Latex and Memory Foam pillows in both conventional and comfort molded forms. A range of accessories is also available and more product is being added regularly.  

We also have a learning center where your can browse and learn about our product line, the manufacturing process and the differences in materials in use today including our advance cover materials such as Intense® Anti-Static, and Amicor Pure® Anti-Allergenic covers. Please feel free to browse SlumberTown today and purchase a sleep surface for your tomorrows.

We look forward to your business and are as always here to serve you.

With Endless Horizons the possibilities are truly endless.

Thank you for visiting. We hope you have a great day.



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